Whatever it is that is holding you back, is likely to start with your thinking.

The thing that is holding you back is NOT what is causing the problem, YOUR THINKING about the ‘thing’ is what is holding you back!


When we realise this everything changes, if it’s anxiety, a relationship, a decision you need to make. These are all brought to life with our thoughts.


As a coach/therapist I see clients, I love my job.

The part of my job I don’t like is promoting my business. It’s something I need to do, it’s not something I enjoy, I put it off, I’m not consistent and I think myself out of it.


So for a week I’m going to do things differently, In my personal life I know that my thoughts create my feelings and then I act on those feelings, for some reason I don’t apply this to the business side of my private practice.


Here’s an example

I know I should promote my business, clients will only come if they know my business exists, locally and online.

I need to write blogs, post on facebook and advertise.

I then start to think about what that means –

It needs to be perfect

It needs to be this or that

What if ‘they’………

What if…………


A little gem from my business coach….


I am going to get out of my own way, I will notice my thoughts, and let them pass, they always do until I start to give them feelings.