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Services & Prices

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

£40 per 50 minute session

Transactional analysis is a talking therapy and the 50 minute sessions are designed to explore your personality and how this has been shaped by experience – particularly those stemming from childhood.

The atmosphere that supports transactional analysis is non-judgemental, secure and respectful, ensuring that a positive relationship is forged between the therapist and client(s) in order to provide a model for subsequent relationships and communication that are developed outside of the therapy room.

I work collaboratively with you to identify what may not be working well for you and provide opportunities for you to change repetitive patterns that may limit your potential. I recognise that we all have the potential to live the life we want, rather than the life we are programmed to live. Sometimes however this potential is hindered by repetitive patterns or ‘unconscious scripts’ that stem from childhood decisions and teachings.

Coaching and NLp

£40 per 50 minute session

Neuro-linguistic programming is often regarded as “a tool-kit for the mind”, because of this; NLP is used to improve all areas of a person’s life. It is known to be particularly effective for improving the following situations:

Anxiety and stress. Health and wellbeing, One of the most important ideas underpinning NLP is that the mind and body are closely connected.

Fears and Phobias, NLP can reveal the thought process behind the often ‘irrational’ fear.

NLP is an excellent tool for understanding people and their ways of communication, learning these tips from an NLP coach will help a person improve how they communicate and improve their ability to empathise and negotiate with colleagues, employees and managers.


£80 per session 

Hypnotherapy is thought to work by altering our state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is ‘turned down’, while the non-analytical right-hand side is made more alert. The conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the subconscious mind awoken. This state is a natural thing, have you ever been driving and got to your destination and nt remembered the whole journey – we self hypnotise a lot!

This form of therapy helps us to ‘get out of our own way’ and change can happen easily and with little effort. This can be done without you having to disclose any details. Many clients see tangible results from the very first session.

” I’m looking round my house now and I feel like I should pinch myself, to wake up, I’m the me I always wanted to be!” - Sue, Client

“I just wanted to feedback how much I enjoyed the training last night, and I’m already recommended it to lots of my friends and colleagues!” - Training, Attendee