Within minutes ‘E’ was happily chatting to Jacci.

I was recommended Jacci by a colleague as I was struggling to find a good recommendation for someone to help my 4 year old child. ‘E’ had developed a phobia of elderly people and this was beginning to impact on our lives as we were not able to visit relatives or go to certain places. ‘E’ was very reluctant to visit Jacci as she did not like discussing the phobia in any way, and so when we arrived, ‘E’ did not want to communicate. Jacci and I had a friendly, relaxed chat and Jacci slowly brought ‘E’ into the conversation through the use of Playdough. Within minutes ‘E’ was happily chatting to Jacci, taking her shoes off and challenging Jacci’s questions. By the end of the session, I struggled to get ‘E’ to leave. Jacci gave us some great techniques to use at home which she had explained to ‘E’ in simple terms during the session. She explained ‘E’ had her own super power to change her mind whenever she would like and it is ok to do so. I did leave with a little heavy heart that Jacci hadn’t been able to provide an instant, magical remedy to our problem and that this issue could continue for some time, but I should not have worried. Over the coming week, ‘E’ regularly mentioned Jacci, asking to go back and see her. We kept giving ‘E’ the option to see my grandparents if she wanted to and reminded her that she had the power to change her mind whenever she wanted….She made some quick, small advances by visiting them but sitting in the car, and then sitting on the driveway. A few days ago, I took ‘E’ to visit where she walked straight in the room, handed a card to my Grandad and then kissed him goodbye when we left. I can assure you there were tears all round! I could not believe that only 2 weeks after visiting Jacci, ‘E’ was interacting with them once again. The impact this has had on our family is profound. I am so proud of ‘E’ and cannot thank Jacci enough. I would recommend Jacci to anyone, young or old; no matter how big or small the problem.

Straight away I felt at ease with Jacci.

I saw Jacci for a number of sessions after a mental break down. I suffer from depression, over thinking, stress , anxiety and paranoia. 
Straight away I felt at ease with Jacci. she tought me that I was ok and totally changed my way of thinking. 
I would highly recommend Jacci to anyone who needs a kind ,patient lady to talk to and suffers from any of the above symptoms.
Thank you Jacci x


by Jul 1, 2019