There’s ALWAYS a thought before a feeling!

We humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day

Thoughts like ‘mmmmm chocolate’ come and go with not much impact but what about the thoughts we have that stick around a bit longer. Thoughts like ‘what if I get anxious’, ‘last time I did that I made a fool of myself’.

These kind of thoughts can prevent us from living the life we want, the reality is they are just the same as the mundane thoughts we have each and every moment the difference is we build a story around them.

Here’s what I mean
When I started writing this post I was keen as mustard and raring to go, then the thoughts started here’s how it went
I’ll put this post on my page
It needs to be an interesting useful post
I’ll have to be funny, no professional, no interesting
What do I need to do to keep them reading it?
Oh crap, I don’t know what to put now
What will get their attention and keep them reading it
Does it need to be educational?
I always do this, overthink then get nothing done
Sod it I’ll just post a meme

So did I post a meme, NO I wrote this and if you’re still reading something is familiar or pricked your interest.

If we don’t notice the thoughts we can create a whole story around them and it becomes real. We create a feeling to go with the thoughts (usually a crappy one) then we act on those feelings, not doing something or doing something we regret later.

We can’t stop our thought it’s part of being human, we can’t stop our feelings either but we don’t always need to act on them, we can just notice them and let the crappy ones go, they are like buses there will be another one soon enough and if it’s a better one hop on it.